The Buzz: Paris' boyfriend is hands-on

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Paris' boyfriend is hands-on

Despite his lanky frame, Paris Hilton's boyfriend, 21-year-old model River Viiperi, would make a good bodyguard.

The couple had to fight through crowds of fans and paparazzi to get to a party in Cannes, France, on Friday, and when one female fan got too touchy with the heiress, River pushed the woman backward -- twice -- as seen in video shot by TMZ.

And we're not talking a gentle nudge; River gave the woman two full-on, forceful shoves.

And that wasn't the end of the pair's difficult two-minute-long walk into the safe confines of the party. River also went off on a security guard when he got so close to the 32-year-old Paris that he kept stepping on her dress.

Paris is heard saying to the guard, "Can you please stop stepping on my dress. Please stop! Please, I don't need you, please." And then she turned to River, saying, "This guard is driving me crazy."

River did his best to guide Paris through the crowd, telling the handsy guard at one point, "Move man, you're making it worse."

If you look closely during the video, you can see the original female fan actually follows Paris and River as they slowly make their way through the crowd to the party. River appears to have a couple of angry words and gestures for the woman, who continues to follow along like a lost puppy, although she doesn't manage to get that close again.

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