The fix is in: Dems push ObamaCare remedies

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• The fix is in: Dems push ObamaCare remedies
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Conservatives are fuming over a House-passed fix that mitigates some of ObamaCare’s damage to small businesses. It’s not just that the change is a reversal of the GOP stance that the law is beyond repair, but also that it was quietly tacked on to an irregular, unannounced March 27 voice vote on the annual delay of Clinton-era Medicare cuts. [Good luck passing the House budget plan now, by the way.] The ObamaCare change, which came at the behest of business groups struggling with ObamaCare implementation, isn’t controversial itself, but Democrats are crowing that they have finally broken the GOP blockade. Embattled Democrats are desperate to show that they are working to repair the struggling law, and say this is the moment they can begin to start shifting the ObamaCare debate. The strategy, outlined for Politico, is to show Democrats at work on pernicious but peripheral problems with the law. The goal is to protect the Democratic majority in the Senate and thereby the law itself.

[The Hill looks at the move by embattled Democrats like Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., to block ObamaCare hikes to rates for the popular Medicare Advantage program amid further alienation from older voters for their party.]

Reid takes a (little) risk - The strategy of seeming to mend ObamaCare from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his team is a perilous one. As angry as conservative Republicans are at the sneaky tactic of tucking the fix into the bill, if it is the start of Reid & Co. allowing ObamaCare legislation through a years-long blockade, GOPers could stand to benefit. Democratic divisions have not much been on display because Reid allows so little activity in the Senate, but they are real and are likely to get worse as the pressure of midterms takes its toll and as the party braces for a return to its ‘90s-era partnership with Wall Street

[Er… - “The Congress of the United States, which wrote [ObamaCare], the members which are proud of what they have done are happy to not run away from what we have done, very proud of what we have accomplished.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in an interview with CNN.]

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