The Hillary Files: Juicy details from friend’s diary

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• The Hillary Files: Juicy details from friend’s diary
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How important is the Clintons’ past to their political future? Consider: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has caused an eruption on Planet Hillary after refusing to back down from his claim that former President Bill Clinton is a “sexual predator” because of his assignations with a 22-year-old intern in the Oval Office. Subsequent to Paul’s doubling and then tripling down on the claim, the former president announced that he would head to Paul’s home state later this month to campaign for a Democratic Senate candidate – a sure sign that the former president doesn’t want anyone thinking that Paul has him cowed. The husband of the 2016 Democratic frontrunner is on a collision course with a leading contender for the 2016 GOP nomination, and it’s all over Bubba’s mid-1990s sexcapades.

Time bomb - A timely moment, then, for the Washington Free Beacon to share details of previously unpublished memos and archive material from Diane Blair, a longtime friend of 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The document cache is a trove of goodies for opposition researchers, with insights on many of the Clintons’ most famous scandals. Why do such things exist? The Beacon explains: “Diane Blair’s husband, Jim Blair, a former chief counsel at Tyson Foods Inc. who was at the center of “Cattlegate,” a 1994 controversy involving the unusually large returns Hillary Clinton made while trading cattle futures contracts in the 1970s, donated his wife’s papers to the University of Arkansas Special Collections library in Fayetteville after her death [in 2000].” The files have only recently been opened to the public and never explored by any media outlets.

Would you rather be ‘slick’ or ‘ruthless’? - “On May 12, 1992, Stan Greenberg and Celinda Lake, top pollsters for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, issued a confidential memo. The memo’s subject was ‘Research on Hillary Clinton.’ Voters admired the strength of the Arkansas first couple, the pollsters wrote. However, ‘they also fear that only someone too politically ambitious, too strong, and too ruthless could survive such controversy so well.’ Their conclusion: ‘What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary.’

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