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The Next Page: 15 fascinating stories you missed this past week

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What a week, huh? Obama speaks to the nation. Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin speaks to the nation. Colorado voters speak to the nation.

But wait, there's even more that escaped notice! Despair not -- because here's the results of the Washington Examiner digging out the critical stories busy people missed because they didn't have to go to the Next Page:


Was J. Afred Prufrock T.S. Elliot’s vision of Barack Obama? Dr. Doni Wilson makes the case on the “Reflection and Choice” blog that features some very sharp minds at Houston Baptist University:

Uh oh, are Silicon Valley giants the new Gordon Geckos for popular culture? Noreen Malone of the New Republic thinks so:

Do we really have to go through this again? Well, yes, apparently we do. Michael Stokes Paulsen explains Congress, presidents and war for the Witherspoon Institute:


What if the whole Syria thing was Putin’s baited trap for Obama? The Tablet’s David Samuels looks beyond the conventional wisdom:

A farm program that Obama and Paul Ryan agree should be abolished? Yes, there is, according to Bloomberg’s David J. Lynch and Alan Bjerga:

What kind of place orders its taxi and limo drivers to charge more? Tampa, Florida, for one, the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro writes:


Want to help kick-start WWIII? Second City YouTubes people who do and they may sound kind of familiar (It’s a delightful spoof of OFA):

Is “Social Good” replacing “Non-profit” as the cool place for idealists to work? Quartz’ Leanne Pittsford offers up four charts that make it clear:

Are Victor Head and “Guerilla Politics” in Colorado to start of a national movement? NRO’s Charles C.W. Cooke profiles one of the Rocky Mountain High recall heroes:


Why did the CNN Poll bury the huge drop in Obamacare support among women and lower-income Americans? Check out the 10th paragraph:

Is this Heritage Foundation chart evidence of Jeff Bezos’ early influence at the Washington Post? Wonkblog is a newsroom weather vane:

Why do all those Democrats suddenly need an underwear change? They read Sean Trende’s RealClearPolitics analysis of the Colorado recall results:


Why is Obama cutting U.S. submarine forces 30 percent when Russia, China and Iran are growing theirs? Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz brings the bad news:

Are poor people much shrewder than politicians think? The Heartland Institute says black market Food Stamp sales show why the answer is yes:

How does America’s wealthiest family – Walmart’s Waltons – stay that way? Bloomberg’s Zachary R. Mider has answers you may not expect:

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