The ObamaCare numbers that really matter

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What the number that matters most today on ObamaCare? The administration hopes you think that its much-touted figure of 6 million potential ObamaCare enrollees win the prize. But that’s a mostly meaningless metric that does not reveal any relevant data about those who have signed up (or clicked a box indicating that they might sign up in the next few weeks). Who paid? No idea. How many of them are just refugees from ObamaCare regulations that cancelled existing policies? Don’t know? What is the proportion of sick, costly subscribers to healthy, low-cost customers? Can’t say. Can they say anything at all about numbers at all? They think they’re great and they’re quite proud of themselves. But that, of course, tells us nothing about how this disaster-prone initiative is playing with voters or might shape the fall elections. Fortunately, we have a spate of new polling to answer those questions.

[“I’ve always looked at this bill as not perfect…I am going to be working with Republicans to make it better for consumers and businesses…” – Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, on “Fox and Friends”]

All-time low - An AP poll out this morning says just 26 percent of Americans support ObamaCare. That’s 13 points below where the law stood when it passed four years ago – an all-time low. Woof. That echoes what the latest Fox News poll, out Thursday, revealed. Our poll shows ObamaCare opposition continuing to ride high at 56 percent. The silver lining for President Obama in the AP poll is that the vast majority of Americans appear to be resigned to the fact that the law cannot be repealed. Talk about slim solace. And that growing acquiescence among voters isn’t particularly good news for the embattled Democrats who are lugging the president’s health law with them as they campaign. The Fox News poll explains why: 65 percent of respondents thought ObamaCare makes health insurance more expensive. Even 42 percent of Democrats and 30 percent of those favoring the law say it is increasing insurance costs. So voters largely dislike the law, believe it cannot be undone and think that it will harm them and their families. Whatever Team Obama and pro-administration outlets are talking about today, no abstract enrollment figures will trump what appears to be a deepening despair over the president’s costly new entitlement program.

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