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The Obamacare video contest winners are in, and you won't believe how bad they are

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The Department of Health and Human services has finally awarded the $30,000 in prize money for videos supporting Obamacare.

The HHS announced the contest in August together with the group "Young Invincible" in an effort to create viral videos promoting health insurance.

In a Google hangout on Monday, actor Kal Penn hosted the award ceremony with the top three winners in each of the following categories.

1. You are NOT invincible

2. Perform a song

3. Make an animation

The First Place winner earned $3,000 and second and third place earned $2,500 each. An additional $2,000 was awarded as Grand Prize award.

Although a detailed list of winners and their prize money was not available from the HHS.

Here are the nine winning videos that won prize money:


1. Grand prize winner: 'Forget about the Price Tag'

An Obamacare parody of the 2011 song "Price Tag" by artist Jessie J featuring B.o.B.

Key lyrics:

Ain't about the, uh, cha-ching cha-ching
Ain't about the, yeah, bling bla-bling
Affordable Care Act — Don't worry about the price tag


2. Winner of the 'You are Not Invincible' category

Healthcare is a "Big freaking deal" and I just got hit by a car.

Message: If you spend too much time talking into a camera about Obamacare, you might get hit by a car.


3. Inevitable parody of '99 Problems' by Jay-Z

"I got 99 problems but a plan ain't one."

Key Lyric:

I got the health patrol on my back — YOLO!


4. The 'Just Give It a Call' rap

Key Lyric:

All you gotta do is give it a call
Health insurance ain't difficult at all

Check out these special effects!


5. Ultimate frisbee reggae song

Message: Obamacare is like important because you could like get a frisbee to your face

Key lyrics:

You should have had some insurance like your friend Steve
His bills are all paid and he's back on his feet
He's out there tossing the disk and he's picking up chicks


6. Winner of the animation video category

You can stay on your parent's videos until you are 26!


7. Moving forward

Somebody was overly optimistic about the Obamacare website.

It will work just like a travel website.


8. The really bad superhero video

Remember this guy?? He got the early bird prize of $1,500.


9. Don't flirt with Death‚ get insured

This is my favorite, probably because it has very little to do with Obamacare. Cue the bowling scene.

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