The president’s 'fix' gets a big nix

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THE PRESIDENT’S 'FIX' GETS A BIG NIX - State insurance commissioners were polite but pretty clearly not moved by President Obama’s bid to put them on the hook for reinstating insurance plans he ordered banned as part of ObamaCare. Obama met with representatives from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners who expressed their uncertainties over his reversal of his regulation, saying trying a rush effort to reinstate the plans could lead to higher premiums and would cause confusion and delay.

[An independent analysis by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, predicting a second wave of 50-to-100 million cancellations, is not doing much to allay those concerns.]

Cancellations continue - Headlines like this one from the Montgomery Advertiser: “Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama won't reinstate canceled insurance policies” are piling up as state officials and insurers plow ahead rather than join President Obama’s belated effort to honor his “if you like it” pledge. While the president feels the political pain of his decision to deceive voters, insurers and commissioner are mostly thinking about bottom lines and keeping risk pools stable. From the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama statement to the Advertiser: “The temporary reinstatement of policies that are non-ACA compliant would create dual classes of policyholders and destabilize the state’s insurance market and the risk pools associated with these health plans,” the statement said. “The ultimate impact would be higher healthcare costs for all of our customers, now and in the near future.”

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