The three-minute interview: Tess Bishop

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The 22-year-old Capitol Hill resident is a member of the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers, women who don costumes and arm wrestle to support local charities. Their next event will be Oct. 19 at Penn Social, located at 801 E St. NW.

Who are the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers?

The DC Lady Arm Wrestlers, otherwise known as D/CLAW, are a national nonprofit organization. We've been competing in D.C. since about 2010, and we've raised about $30,000 for local charities. All the women in the organization, we go head to head against each other. ... We try to incorporate theater. A lot of the [United States' 18] leagues are based out of theater companies. Anything can happen on that stage.

How do you raise money?

We recommend a $5 donation at the door. The wrestlers also have members of their "entourage," we call them, and before each bout, the entourage works the crowd and tries to get the audience to bet on their particular wrestler.

Where does the money go?

We try to benefit women and children charities.

How did you get involved?

I just moved to D.C. in May. I moved in with a woman who was already part of the organization. The Tournament of Champions was coming up. Every woman who had won contests here in D.C. [competed]. I was thrown into that, and I ended up winning the first round. It was really unexpected because nobody had ever seen me before.

Are there specific arm wrestling tactics or trade secrets?

We do a fair amount of training before we're allowed to compete. There is a technique involved that if you practice it, you're going to have a leg up -- or an arm up -- ahead of your competitors. It's pulling your opponent's arm toward your chest instead of trying to push directly against them, which is a mistake that a lot of newcomers make.

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