Themed gifts for Hillary on Mother's Day, says Chelsea

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As Mother's Day approaches this month, Chelsea Clinton knows what she's giving to mom, Hillary, but she's not spilling those beans quite yet. "I actually know what I'm getting her, but I'm not going to tell," Clinton told Fresh FM's Tommy McFly when she was in town earlier this week for a Millennium Network fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation, which also brought in singer Carly Rae Jepsen and "1600 Penn" actor Josh Gad.

"I try to have themes, I really like themes. Last year, I think it was a beach theme," Clinton continued. "So I gave her a beach bag and like a cool -- at least I thought it was cool -- beach robe and some super cool flip-flops and a summer beach reading book," Clinton added, noting that there is a theme to her gift this year, as well. "But I'm not going to tell you," she reiterated to McFly. "I love how I get all hardball about Mother's Day," McFly, the radio personality, laughed.

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