Thom Loverro: A Super way for Redskins to get a little revenge against Mara

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If at some point during the Washington Redskins' season Robert Griffin III is running for his life behind a depleted offensive line, don't just blame Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan.

Blame John Mara.

The New York Giants co-owner led the charge in the heavy-handed salary cap penalty that cost the Redskins $18 million in cap space both this season and the next. He is the reason the Redskins are pulling offensive linemen like Jordan Black -- out of football and on the verge of opening up a health club -- off the street for line depth.

It appears there might have been some personal motivation by Mara and the other owners vs. Redskins owner Dan Snyder and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, whose team took a two-year, $10 million salary cap hit.

If so, it's payback time. And thanks to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the Redskins may have a chance to stick it to Mara -- at the very least make him squirm a little bit.

The can try to steal the 2014 Super Bowl from MetLife Stadium -- the home of the Giants.

Gov. Christie is going to battle the NFL and other leagues in a bid to legalize sports betting in New Jersey. Mara told reporters that while he was not concerned about the status of the 2014 Super Bowl, "I don't think there's a chance in the world of us getting another Super Bowl."

Christie told reporters he spoke with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently, and he has no concerns the league will try to pull the game at this late date in retaliation for the gambling bid.

"Do I have any direct assurances?" Christie said. "No, I haven't."


You have to believe the only thing Goodell hates more than players and coaches putting up money to knock out opponents is NFL fans legally being allowed to put up money to bet on games. I think Goodell would love to hold the 2014 game over Christie's head, but at this late planning stage, he has few options.

But Snyder could give him one.

Washington made a bid in 2003 to host the 2008 Super Bowl, and, it lost out to Arizona. Dust that plan off and send it to NFL headquarters. The short notice logistics with the move would be a nightmare, but if any place can pull it off, it's Washington.

Include a note that says, "Roger, we stand with you in the fight against New Jersey and sports betting and want to offer a hammer to drop on him. Washington stands ready and willing to host the game on short notice if need be."

At the time of the penalties, Mara declared the Redskins were "lucky" the punishment wasn't worse.

It could get worse -- for Mara.

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