Throwdown: Conservative Ann Coulter challenges Democrats to debate her at CPAC

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Ann Coulter, Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of Obama supporters, is making a public challenge to Democrats to cough up a liberal for a debate about “the creeping socialism of Obama's America” at next month's annual Conservative Political Action Conference hosted by the American Conservative Union.

The famous columnist and author of several books including “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans,” has long been a star of the event, but is now looking to revive the slugfests conservative Robert Novak used to have with TV’s Sam Donaldson at past CPAC conventions.

Dan Schneider, executive director of the ACU, said in the challenge, “We’d welcome the chance to watch this kind of debate over the fundamentals of the American experiment again. We’re confident in Ann — is there a champion of the left that is unapologetically supportive of their world view?”

Challengers are encouraged to tweet their entry to hashtag #CPAC2014. In the case of multiple challengers, Ann Coulter and the ACU will select an opponent.

CPAC, which annually brings together the nation’s conservatives and conducts a presidential straw poll, will be held March 6-8, 2014 at the Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center outside of Washington.

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