Time to go? Embattled Eric Shinseki is longest-serving Veterans Affairs secretary

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Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, facing GOP calls that he resign due to multiple problems at agency care centers and cover-up charges, has become the longest-ever serving head of VA, according to a new University of Minnesota study of President Obama's cabinet.

Shinseki has served five years, three months and 19 days, besting former President Bill Clinton's VA Secretary Jesse Brown by 10 months, according to the school's Smart Politics news site authored by Eric Ostermeier at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

That makes Shinseki the longest serving of all seven VA bosses, an achievement that could be overshadowed if he is forced out. Obama has pledged to keep Shinseki, who is scheduled to testify in the Senate next week about allegations that his department covered up treatment delays for patients who eventually died waiting.

Shinseki isn't the only record-breaker for the president. Two others, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and former Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, also had their jobs longer than any others.

As with Shinseki, the president appears to be loyal to team members facing controversy. The Smart Politics report found that Attorney General Eric Holder is also moving fast to become the nation's top cop-lawyer.

He just took fourth place and would eclipse Homer Cummings (1933-1939) in early December.

See the full report here.

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