Today in History for May 5th


Here is a look at some of the notable events that took place on this day in history, May 5th.

May 5th, 1961:

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Alan Shepard becomes America's first space traveler --- blasting off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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Shepard makes a 15-minute suborbital flight on board his Mercury capsule, dubbed "Freedom Seven."


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France's former ruler Napoleon Bonaparte --- whose armies once swept across Europe --- dies in exile, on the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena.


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Karl Marx --- the philosopher whose ideas bore fruit in communist regimes worldwide during the 20th Century --- is born in what's now Germany.


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Irish Republican Army member Bobby Sands dies at Northern Ireland's Maze Prison during the 66th day of his hunger strike.

And 1891:

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Composer Peter Illych Tchaikovsky conducts at the opening concert at Carnegie Hall --- then known as "Music Hall" --- in New York City.

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Karl Marx:


Carnegie Hall:


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Today is Saturday, May 5, the 125th day of 2007. There are 240 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

On May 5, 1961, astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. became America's first space traveler as he made a 15-minute sub-orbital flight in a capsule launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

On this date:

In 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the island of St. Helena.

In 1862, Mexican forces loyal to Benito Juarez defeated French troops sent by Napoleon III in the Battle of Puebla.

In 1891, Carnegie Hall (then named "Music Hall") had its opening night in New York City.

In 1925, John T. Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Darwin's theory of evolution.

In 1942, during World War II, Japanese forces landed on the Philippine island of Corregidor.

In 1955, West Germany became a fully sovereign state.

In 1980, a siege at the Iranian embassy in London by armed men demanding the release of political prisoners in Iran ended as British commandos and police stormed the building. Nineteen hostages were rescued; two others had already been killed by their captors; four of the five hostage-takers were also killed.

In 1981, Irish Republican Army hunger-striker Bobby Sands died at the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland in his 66th day without food.

In 1987, the congressional Iran-Contra hearings opened with former Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard V. Secord the lead-off witness.

In 1987, the federal government began a yearlong amnesty program, offering citizenship to illegal aliens who met certain conditions.

Ten years ago: President Clinton arrived in Mexico for his first Latin American trip. A jury in Jacksonville, Fla., found R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. was not responsible for the death of Jean Connor, a lifelong smoker. American Airlines' pilots ratified a contract, ending nearly three years of negotiations.

Five years ago: French President Jacques Chirac was re-elected in a landslide victory over extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. Movie director George Sidney, who had directed dozens of musicals when the genre was at its peak, died in Las Vegas at age 85. Movie producer Michael Todd Jr., who produced the only feature in "Smell-o-Vision," titled "Scent of Mystery," died in Ireland at age 72. Former Bolivian President Hugo Banzer died in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, at age 75.

One year ago: A military transport helicopter crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing all 10 U.S. soldiers on board. CIA Director Porter Goss resigned in a second-term shake-up of President Bush's team. British Prime Minister Tony Blair shuffled his Cabinet, replacing Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

Today's Birthdays: Actress Pat Carroll is 80. AFL-CIO president John J. Sweeney is 73. Saxophonist Ace Cannon is 73. Country singer-musician Roni Stoneman is 69. Actor Michael Murphy is 69. Actor Lance Henriksen is 67. Comedian-actor Michael Palin is 64. Actor John Rhys-Davies is 63. Actor Roger Rees is 63. Rock correspondent Kurt Loder is 62. Rock musician Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) is 59. Actor Richard E. Grant is 50. Broadcast journalist John Miller is 49. Rock singer Ian McCulloch (Echo and the Bunnymen) is 48. NBC News anchor Brian Williams is 48. TV personality Kyan Douglas is 37. Actress Tina Yothers is 34. Singer Craig David is 26. Actress Danielle Fishel is 26. Rock singer Skye Sweetnam is 19. Rhythm-and-blues singer Chris Brown is 18.

Thought for Today: "What we call reality is an agreement that people have arrived at to make life more livable." _ Louise Nevelson, Russo-American artist (1900-1988).


Karl Marx

born May 5, 1818, Trier, Rhine province, Prussia [Germany]

died March 14, 1883, London

in full Karl Heinrich Marx

revolutionary, sociologist, historian, and economist. He published (with Friedrich Engels) Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei (1848), commonly known as The Communist Manifesto, the most celebrated pamphlet in the history of the socialist movement. He also was the author of the movement's most important book, Das Kapital. These writings and others by Marx and Engels form the basis of the body of thought and belief known as Marxism.


Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall famous concert hall in New York City, named for millionaire philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who donated $2 million for its construction. The hall, located on West 57th Street, was designed by architect William Burnett Tuthill. It seats 3000 and is known for its distinctive, rich acoustics. Its opening concert in May 1891 was conducted in part by Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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