Tracy Anderson Talks Celeb Clients

February 11, 2014 AT 1:42 PM
Celebrity fitness guru, Tracy Anderson is not only on the A-list, but she has no problem dishing about some of her most high profile clients! Speaking to E! Online about Gwyneth Paltrow Tracy said, " Well she is just so dedicated and what's great with her is that she's so consistent, focused and she actually puts the work in. There is not a trick and everyone is just not genetically blessed." And she may not smile, but apparently Posh Spice knows how to get her sweat on! Tracy continued, "I am really proud of my clients like Victoria, because she is a consistent, hard-working mother and she really works at her body. So many celebrities I am not impressed with and Victoria was one that I have been consistently impressed with." Wow, now that's a trio we'd be pretty intimidated to work out with!