Transportation secretary: Buy a hybrid, gas prices will never go down

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Outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, considered the most influential to ever hold that office, said Thursday that sky high gas prices are here to stay.

In his final press conference as secretary, he said, "gas prices aren't going down, they are not going to go down."

During his four-plus years at DOT, the administration raised the mileage goal to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, a huge increase that will likely lead to hybrids flooding the car market.

"The kinds of vehicles people drive I think will change dramatically," said LaHood. "I believe that in the year 2025 when the gas standard goes to 54.5, I think just about every family in America will have some form of a hybrid."

Even today, with gas prices high, he said that "people want better gas mileage."

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