Trump angered he's starring in a pro-Obama tax ad

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Now The Donald is angry at TV ads from a pro-Obama group.

At issue is a TV ad from Americans United for Change that slams the GOP for extending the Bush tax cuts to rich guys like Donald Trump. Said the new ad: "The Republicans just voted to give people like Donald Trump a tax break worth $150,000 a year while raising taxes on 25 million working families."

Trump wasn't happy. He took to his twitter account this week to blast the ad and Americans United, tweeting, "To the geniuses at 'Americans United for Change': the more you tax me the less people I employ. Get it?"

Trump is an active, and sometimes controversial, Twitter user. Earlier Thursday he suggested that President Obama might have once been a citizen of Indonesia.

Attention like that inspired Americans United to blast out an email to their list of 50,000 requesting supporters to "tweet bomb" Trump. They did.

"In our recent ads, we made Donald Trump the poster child for the wealthiest 2 percent who refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. Now Trump's decided to respond, but we're pretty sure he doesn't understand what he's talking about," they emailed. "We all know that that lower taxes for the richest 2 percent don't create jobs. Will you tweet at Trump and expose his lies?," the group asked.

"As much as we respect the opinion of the Clown Prince of Birthers and Bankruptcies," said Americans United spokesman Jeremy Funk of Trump's tweet, "we have to disagree."

Americans United and AFSCME, the public sector labor union, spent $280,000 to run the ad on CNN and MSNBC and on local stations targeting Republicans by name in Nevada, Ohio, Montana, Iowa and California.