Ugly Betty Reunion in the Works?

CelebTV Latino
June 10, 2014 AT 12:40 PM
We chatted with former Ugly Betty star, Michael Urie, all about a possible reunion for the show, and his role in Broadway's Buyer and Cellar! Michael is a one-man show in the play that follows an underemployed actor going to work in Barbara Streisand's basement! First thing we had to know, is how Michael manages to play all the different roles! He said, "It was really hard to figure out, not only, how they were different from each other, but then how they relate to each other, cause much of the play is dialogue scenes." He also told us why Buyer and Cellar is a play worth checking out in your area! As for an Ugly Betty reunion, he said, "The cast still loves each other. We see each other all the time. It would so complicated, and we would be all over it, but I don't know it it would happen." At least that's not a no! Don't forget to check out Michael in Buyer and Cellar!