Ukraine Votes Amid Separatist Crisis

wochit politics
May 25, 2014 AT 4:59 AM
Ukrainians began voting Sunday to choose their new president in elections that may determine the future of the troubled former Soviet republic that is reeling from a separatist crisis. As the voting got underway, long lines formed in western parts of the country while the east saw disruptions at polling stations. In Kiev, elections officials said they expect high turnout even as voters waiting in long lines expressed frustration with the lack of facilities to accommodate them. Election officials pled for patience, saying there was a "terrible shortage" of voting infrastructure around the country, according to Andriy Magera, deputy head of Ukraine's Central Election Commission. Many voters at the polling station wore Ukrainian national costume, and some studied the programs of the electoral programs of the various candidates, including lawmaker and favorite Petro Poroschenko, and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko.