Valerie Jarrett: The president is a terrific role model

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During an interview Thursday with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett asserted that President Obama was a "terrific role model" for young African-American men.

O'Reilly explained to Jarrett that rap musicians like Jay-Z and Kanye West were setting a bad example for young people.

"You are going to have to get people like Jay-Z, all right, Kanye West, all of these gangsta rappers to knock it off," he said. "That’s number one. Knock it off."

Obama, O'Reilly asserted, could help inspire young men.

"You got to get these guys," he said. "And I think President Obama can do it."

"I see exactly what you're coming from," Jarrett replied, pointing out that there were a lot of programs to give young people better role models.

"The president is a terrific role model," she said, noting that Obama earlier Thursday had announced a mentoring initiative for young black men at a White House event. "The room today was full of role models of these young boys can look up to. And what we have to do is take what's working and take it to scale."

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