VIDEO --- Anthony Foxx: U.S. needs long-term transportation funding plan

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Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said Monday that he and the previous 11 transportation secretaries will release an open letter to Congress demanding action on a long-term transportation investment plan.

Speaking at the National Press Club, Foxx said the short-term plan that Congress is debating to extend the Highway Trust Fund will only put the country in the same position next year. The plan being debated on Capitol Hill would provide funding for 10 months through May 2015. President Obama has signaled he's open to a short-term solution and the measure has already passed the House.

The Highway Trust Fund, which funds the nation's construction and infrastructure projects, is set to run out of money in August. The president has warned repeatedly, including last week, that if the trust fund runs dry it'll have major impacts on the economy and American jobs.

Secretary Foxx said Congress' inability to pass a long-term transportation plan is killing the nation's transportation system and making it difficult for states to implement roads and bridges projects because of the uncertainty surrounding funding.

Foxx said the Department of Transportation will put out a 30-year transportation vision by the end of this year.

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