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VIDEO: Obama announces new executive actions for veterans' health care

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On the same day President Obama announced new executive actions aimed at improving health care for veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Inspector General released a report saying that there's no proof delays in care caused deaths at the Phoenix VA hospital.

The allegations that 40 veterans died while waiting for health care at the Phoenix hospital showcased a multitude of wrongdoings throughout the Veterans Affairs Department. The result of which is a new secretary, Robert McDonald, and a string of new policies and funding to ensure the VA gets back on track.

On Tuesday in North Carolina, Obama focused largely on mental health issues and homelessness plaguing veterans.

"We're calling on Congress to help ensure that our troops get coverage for mental health care that's on par with coverage for other medical conditions," Obama said. "We have to end this tragedy of suicide among our troops and veterans."

Obama promises more peer support among veterans and expanded suicide prevention training across the military.

"Today I can announce that working together over the last few years, we have been able to reduce the number of homeless veterans by one third. But we're not going to stop until every veteran who has defended America has a home in America," Obama said at the American Legion's 96th Convention in Charlotte.

To help with that goal, Obama announced a new partnership with banks and other financial institutions to help veterans afford a home.

In a memo from McDonald — the new VA chief acknowledged that although there's no proof to the accusations of deaths caused by delayed care — the VA is still in the midst of a very serious crisis.

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