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VIDEO: Obama blasts House GOP over border bill

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President Obama took to the bully pulpit Friday, blasting House lawmakers as Congress works to pass legislation addressing the ongoing crisis on the US-Mexico border.

Lawmakers spent Friday scrambling to make progress on two wildly different border funding measures before leaving for a one month recess. With little time left, Obama criticized what he called an "extreme" measure backed by the House GOP.

"House Republicans as we speak are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they already know is going nowhere, that can't pass the Senate, and that if it were to pass the Senate I would veto. They know it," he said.

Nonetheless, Obama praised lawmakers for making some pre-recess progress. Legislation to strengthen the Department of Veterans Affairs in the wake of recent scandals is on its way to the president's desk, as is a bill that will provide a temporary boost federal transportation coffers.

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