Video offers look at APD officer-involved shooting New Mexico
July 28, 2011 AT 1:45 AM
a unique look at an apd shooting-- what you are seeing is video kob obtained from an officer's lapel camera. a's difficult to watch. cristina rodda spoke with the family of the man shot-- a man who is now facing several charges she's here with what they have to say ... tom and nicole, the shooting happened last month. court documents show two officers went to an apartment complex after a domestic violence call. the caller says her boyfriend -- 33 year old orlando paisano beat her parents and her. parts of the video may be disturbing to some of you. officer lujan finds orlando paisano's girlfriend. nats:"he's over there ... come outside..." outside --officer jung sees paisano holding a large knife like a dagger. paisano goes toward officer jung. jung tasers him ... but it doesn't work. paisano doesn't drop the knife. nats:"drop it, drop it, drop it. officer jung tases him again. nats:"gun shots") officer lujan shoots at paisano seven or eight times. paisano falls to the ground-- and drops the knife. he is cuffed and taken to unm hospital. nats:crying we watched the video with paisano's older brother francis. "i honestly believe there were other alternatives into resolving these kinds of situations rather than relying on deadly force." he says his brother's anger overcame his fear of officers.. nats of shooting "i can understand that maybe one or two leg shots could have you know, been sufficient but seven or eight is extreme." francis doesn't excuse his brother's actions-- and says the lesson here is to control your anger and listen to police... but he also wants better training for officers. i hope they can take this you know as another stepping stone into becoming a better department." according to the complaint: paisano was less than 15 feet from officers. the chief defended the officers actions after the shooting, saying paisano never dropped the weapon.