Virginia men charged with dealing pipe bombs, flamethrowers

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Two Northern Virginia men have been indicted on charges that they made and sold pipe bombs, flamethrowers and other weapons to kill people.

Vytlingum "Tony" Kandasawmi, 34, and Tony Robert Brooks, 50, of Manassas, are each charged with knowingly transferring a firearm to be used in a crime of violence and engaging in the business of manufacturing and dealing in explosive materials without a license.

Law enforcement officials began to investigate the case in September after a Fairfax County police informant obtained two improvised explosive devices made from small carbon dioxide canisters, fuses and an unknown explosive.

According to documents filed in federal court in Alexandria, an undercover agent soon met Kandasawmi and bought an IED and a homemade flamethrower for $200.

Kandasawmi demonstrated the flame thrower by shooting a flame about 4-feet high into the air while standing in the parking lot of his apartment in Alexandria.

Over the next two months, undercover cops bought 10 more homemade grenades, a .22-caliber firearm made from a tire pressure gauge and a flare gun altered to fire shotgun shells.

Kandasawmi instructed the undercover agent how to use the weapons to kill someone.

The undercover police officer later met with Kandasawmi and Brooks to discuss multiple ways to kill a purported target of the undercover officer. They agreed to sell the officer a larger IED that would do the job for $800.

The duo came back several days later with a bomb constructed from PVC pipe, steel ball bearings, black power and a fuse, according to the court documents in the case.

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