Vladimir Putin: Edward Snowden free to travel to Sochi Olympics

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Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview Sunday welcomed arguably the most famous American living in his country to attend the Sochi Olympic games: Edward Snowden.

In an interview with ABC's “This Week,” Putin said that Snowden would be free to travel to the Olympics if he wanted.

“He has no special limitation,” Putin said. “He can just buy a ticket and come here.”

Putin told ABC that “politics should not interfere with sports,” saying Russia was focused on ensuring the security for the most expensive Olympics in history.

“He has a right to travel freely across the country,” Putin added of Snowden.

Putin’s decision to grant asylum to Snowden stoked an already volatile relationship between his government and the Obama administration. Snowden has remained mostly out of the limelight since traveling to Russia, but some U.S. officials and lawmakers have questioned whether Snowden’s collection of American secrets has ended up in the hands of the Russian government.

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