Volterra 2013 Energica Official Press Test

AutoMoto TV
November 10, 2013 AT 7:17 AM
Energica is equipped with Phoenix Contact Universal CCS type 1 and type 2 inlet sockets. Designed and manufactured according to CCS (Combined Charging System) International Standard IEC 62196-3/SAE J1772, developed in close collaboration with the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), they allow the use of charging systems based on both single-phase and three-phase alternate current (AC) for mode 2 and 3 charging, and on direct current (DC) for mode 4 charging, in compliance with regulation IEC 61851-1. Moreover, such sockets are fully compatible with the charging infrastructure connection standards set forth by current regulations for Europe (type 2), USA and Japan (type 1). Phoenix Contact, German multinational leading in electric and electronic connection technologies and in industrial automation solutions, founded Phoenix Contact E-Mobility GmbH in early 2013, a company specifically engaged in the industry of electric and hybrid mobility. Because it is equipped with a Phoenix Contact vehicle socket, Energica may be fully charged in about 30 minutes at any charging station fitted with a CCS connector (DC quick charge), or in the comfort of one’s own home using a standard wall socket (AC slow charge).