Volvo Intellisafe Animation

AutoMoto TV
March 08, 2014 AT 5:12 AM
The driver is literally the core of Volvo Cars’ holistic approach, which is based on real traffic situations. In cars developed on the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), he or she is surrounded by 360° zones. Embracing the driver: The driver and passengers are embraced by solutions that are designed for intelligent absorption of energy. Sophisticated strength: The new, patented SPA safety cage, with its mix of different steel grades, has been made stronger and smarter. Collision avoidance: Camera, radar and sensor technologies are extended to detect more objects around the car and to offer support at higher speeds and in more situations. Enhancing the driving experience: The sensors used by the collision-avoiding solutions are used in features that making the drive more enjoyable by simplifying complex traffic situations. Seeing around the corner: With this Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure technology in place, vital information can be shared and exchanged. Always in touch with the world: The modern desire to be constantly connected is moving into the car. This connectivity can be used to make driving safer and more comfortable.