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WATCH: Many Republicans say this is the country's top problem

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If you're looking to solve a problem, it helps when you can agree on which problem to solve.

As far as the United States is concerned, Republicans and Democrats seemingly can't agree on what the top problem facing the country is.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 22 percent of adults on the right say the most important problem facing the country right now is immigration. Contrast that with left-leaning adults, only 11 percent of whom say immigration is the top problem.

This renewed focus on immigration among Republicans should come as no surprise. Gallup conducted the poll between July and August, just as national attention was focused on the southwest border where a surge of immigrant minors has overwhelmed security efforts in recent months.

House Republicans managed to pass some border legislation before it left town earlier this month, but the highly partisan bill stands virtually no chance of making it through the Democrat controlled Senate. Lawmakers will take the debate back up when they return from their August recess next month.

Despite the ideological divide on immigration, there is some agreement elsewhere. A large number of Democrats and Republicans listed "dysfunctional government" as the most important problem, with economic concerns not far behind.

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