Not-so-friendly skies

A five-part series by the Washington Examiner watchdog team

Why air travel in America has become such a hassle

By Neil McCabe | 12/09/13 12:00 AM

First of a five-part series Americans are flying to more places, more often, than at any time in the country’s history, but they are also unhappier about the commercial airline experience than they were 20 years ago.
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Tough to be a city left out of the large hubs

By Neil McCabe | 12/10/13 12:00 AM

Second of a five-part series When the Interstate highway system was begun in the 1950s, a common fear was that regional cultures and unique local communities that were bypassed would be forever lost due to the vastly increased commerce between distant cities.
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Colorado Springs Airport faces adversity, gets entrepreneurial

By Neil McCabe | 12/11/13 12:00 AM

Part three of a five-part series Most Americans probably think of TSA security lines at the airport when asked about Washington’s role in commercial airline travel, but the federal government is a major player at virtually every level of the industry.
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Deregulation didn't fail, it was never really tried

By Neil McCabe | 12/12/13 12:00 AM

Part four of a five-part series Conventional wisdom holds that President Jimmy Carter withdrew the federal government from the airline industry in 1978 through a landmark process that came to be known as “deregulation.”
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Airline industry faces immense problems, but there are solutions

By Neil McCabe | 12/13/13 12:00 AM

Part five of a five-part series It has been 35 years since President Carter signed the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act, but the measure’s promise of lower cost, more convenient commercial air travel and a wider range of choices for consumers have in many respects gone unmet.
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Trends and market forces shaping small community air service in the U.S.