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Six small shopkeepers are big losers in CFPB headquarters building renovation

By Richard Pollock | 04/18/14 04:40 AM

Federal officials have ignored six small businesses on the ground floor next to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new headquarters, refusing to share information about the building's renovation or the future of their shops. The shopkeepers' fears are warranted, because CFPB's...
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Federal agencies can't track costs or benefits of National Environmental Policy Act reviews, GAO says

By Michal Conger | 04/16/14 05:26 PM

Federal agencies have little data on the costs and benefits of environmental reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act, even though thousands of projects requiring the reviews are high-profile and expensive, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office....
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Rick Scott's office: Ask employees for records, not us

By Gary Fineout | 04/18/14 08:17 AM

The administration of Gov. Rick Scott is making a unique legal argument when it comes to handing over public records: Get it from the employees, not us.
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