Combined Federal Campaign Mismanagement and Waste

Watchdog: Combined Federal Campaign Mismanagement and Waste


Part One: Feds used donations intended for poor for massages, luxuries for themselves

By Luke Rosiak | 05/19/14 12:00 AM

Federal employees and a contractor diverted more than $1 million of charitable contributions to spending on themselves for in-office massages, meals at every meeting and other luxuries and unnecessary expenses, a government audit found.
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Part Two: Feds' version of 'workplace giving' means getting paid for charity --- and often barely breaking even

By Luke Rosiak | 05/20/14 12:00 AM

Many private sector companies host annual charity drives at the end of the year. So does the federal government, but its version adds so many layers of overhead while paying civil servants to do charity full-time, that in some regions, the programs likely cost more than they raise.
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Part Three: Charity drive employees, contractors fight reforms meant to reduce waste

By Luke Rosiak | 05/21/14 12:00 AM

Office of Personnel Management officials thought their reform proposals for the government's overhead-laden annual federal charity drive, which has seen participation rates drop every year, were common-sense and necessary.
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