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Questionable Medicare claims cost HHS billions, IG finds

By Kelly Cohen | 04/15/14 12:12 PM

Questionable Medicare claims cost the Health and Human Services billions, the agency's watchdog has found. Under Obamacare, physicians or other medical practitioners have to certify any beneficiaries who receive home health services and then document the encounter to receive Medicare...
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Report: Chicago missed out on $2.2 million judgment

By Associated Press | 04/18/14 08:13 AM

Chicago's inspector general says the city has "resuscitated" what had been a scandal-plagued minority business program.
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Bridgeport grocer accused of food stamp fraud

By Associated Press | 04/18/14 08:05 AM

A Bridgeport grocer has been charged with buying food stamps from customers and using the money to buy bulk merchandise.
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