Watchdog Special Reports

Faces of Delay

A five-part series by the Washington Examiner on some of the individual veterans who have suffered from poor care and long delays by the Department of Veterans Affairs. (August 2014)

Charity Without Sacrifice

A three-part series on mismanagement and waste at the Combined Federal Campaign. (May 2014)

Too Big to Manage

A four-part series about federal employees who draw full salaries while working full-time for their labor union, a practice known as "official time." (February 2014)

Not-so-friendly Skies

A five-part series about air travel in the United States. (December 2013)

Enrichment at the Public Till

How Republicans steered billions to a failing privatized arm of the government (November 2013)

Just Sign Here

Workers at a tiny federal agency spend thousands in taxpayer money on luxuries (October 2013)

Dereliction of Duty

How veterans preference fraud costs taxpayers millions (August 2013)

Free Ride Feds

How federal employees fraudulently claim disability benefits -- and get away with it (June 2013)

Camp Lejeune's toxic tapwater

Department of Veterans Affairs officials refuse to recognize proven links between toxic water at Camp Lejeune and diseases that are killing Marines.

Making America's Heroes Wait

A Washington Examiner Watchdog investigative series on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ broken promises to U.S. military veterans.

The Obama You Don't Know

An in-depth look at the life and career of America's 44th president -- and the stories you may not have heard elsewhere.

About the Washington Examiner Watchdog Team

The Washington Examiner's special reporting team is dedicated to exposing facts about crooked politicians, bureaucrats, contractors, and others who would prefer to keep in the dark. If you have any information about waste, fraud or abuse in government, you can contact the special reporting team with complete confidence by emailing or calling (202) 618-0760.