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20 congressmen who vote against energy jobs in their districts

By David Freddoso | 07/29/14 12:30 PM

Members of Congress who represent large oil and gas communities are not necessarily all friendly to the cause. The Western Energy Alliance has compiled a list of congressmen who have voted against industry priorities to show which ones represent significant numbers of oil and gas workers and...
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Liberal groups refuse to talk about links to funder with tainted history of illegal human experiments

By Richard Pollock | 07/29/14 11:16 AM

A code of silence is apparently in force among Democratic and liberal activists groups funded by Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, whose former company conducted illegal human experiments where three elderly patients died. None of the 10 organizations contacted by the Washington Examiner would...
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Here's who the patent office paid millions to do little or no work

By Kelly Cohen | 07/29/14 04:09 PM

With too little work and too much free time, paralegal employees at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office were paid more than $5 million while doing nothing for four years.
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