Free Ride Feds

A Washington Examiner Watchdog team special report

Published June 17-19, 2013

Day 1: Experts say fraud rampant in federal worker disability program

By Mark Flatten | 06/17/13 12:00 AM

First of a three-part series A postal worker who ran marathons found her race times improved after she began drawing federal disability checks for an alleged back injury. Another disabled federal employee went scuba diving, skied in Switzerland and did flips on a trapeze. She spent part of...
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Day 2: Disability can be easy street for federal bureaucrats

By Mark Flatten | 06/18/13 12:00 AM

Getting hurt on the job can be a golden parachute for federal workers. Part 2 of a three-part Washington Examiner Watchdog team report.
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Day 3: Paralysis in Congress keeps federal worker disability fraudsters cashing the checks

By Mark Flatten | 06/19/13 12:00 AM

Getting federal employees off disability and into retirement while closing off opportunities for fraud has proved all but impossible for President Obama and his immediate predecessor, as well as for Congress. Part three of a three-part series by the Washington Examiner Watchdog team.
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