Way more than a smidgen: Voters say IRS corrupt

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• Way more than a smidgen: Voters say IRS corrupt
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Vulnerable Democrats facing an onslaught of conservative cash this cycle are calling for the IRS to crack down on nonprofit groups expressing political views. The Senate Democrats seeking the crackdown were quick to say that the heavy hand of the tax agency should fall on “either side,” but they pretty clearly are thinking about the conservative groups currently pummeling them for passing and preserving ObamaCare. And if the new rules sought by Obama Democrats were to work anything like the non-codified targeting that went on at the agency in the last two election cycles, liberal groups would have little to fear. Seventeen percent of the groups targeted for extra scrutiny may have been left-leaning, but when it came to actual audits, 100 percent of the targets were conservative.  Despite that track record, the official line from Democrats remains that what happened at the IRS was neither corrupt nor politically motivated, but rather the result of unclear rules Team Obama is now in the process of rewriting. But what do you think?

They smell a rat - On Super Bowl Sunday, President Obama famously told Bill O’Reilly that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” in the targeting. But a new Fox News poll found 64 percent of voters, including a bare majority of Democrats, thought the targeting was corrupt. Nine months after the scandal first went public, 71 percent still want Congress to continue investigating.

A new Fox News poll finds 55 percent of voters wish ObamaCare had never passed. Fifty-one-percent of voters said the law would be bad for the country in the long run. Overall, 64 percent of voters believed the law wouldn’t have passed in 2010 if Americans knew what they know today. Some 56 percent of respondents said the health law is more about the government “controlling our lives” than about “helping individual Americans get the health care they want.”

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