Wendy Davis apparently can't get people to celebrate the anniversary of her abortion filibuster

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Wendy Davis wants to celebrate the anniversary of her filibuster against a Texas bill that would ban abortion past five months of pregnancy and impose regulations on abortion providers.

The problem is, it looks like people don't want to pay even as little as $20 to celebrate a practice they find abhorrent.

The Davis campaign understands that, and so in their invitations to the anniversary celebration, as my colleague Tim Carney noted last week, they avoid using the word “abortion.”

Too bad people aren’t falling for their lame trick.

General admission to the event is $20, but it appears the campaign isn’t generating the response it wanted, and is now resorting to giving away free tickets to entice people to attend.

NARAL (formerly the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) Pro-Choice Texas is providing interested parties who don't want to pay $20 with free tickets.

“If this event sounds fun to you but the $20 ticket price would keep you away, we can get you free tickets!” the organization says on its website.

Free tickets to the event are also being advertised on Craigslist and Reddit. And, because it's Reddit, the comment sections provided the following gem.

Reddit user RVelts asked if the filibuster “was already a year ago?” to which testu_nagouchi responded “felt like 9 months, if you know what I mean...”

And now the Davis campaign is even advertising free tickets, of course without mentioning that the filibuster was about abortion:

Looks like people don’t even want to part with an Andrew Jackson to support late-term abortion.
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