What 2.1 Million Sales Means For PS4 Owners

wochit technology
December 03, 2013 AT 6:11 AM
Sony just released sales numbers for the PS4, and even the more excitable projections look conservative by comparison. The company has moved 2.1 million machines since launch, making it the fastest selling console in history and giving it a sizable lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One. So what does that mean for the 2.1 million people with PS4s right now? At this point, there’s still not a whole lot of games to play on them. Since pre-order and launch customers trend wealthier and more committed to gaming, it's safe to guess most of them already had previous-gen systems, so they’re going to be less impressed with cross-gen titles like Assassin’s Creed 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Given Sony’s lackluster showing with launch exclusives, this leaves us with a big software vacuum aching to be filled. Between those 2.1 million consoles, further holiday sales and Xbox One’s million +, anybody releasing games for next-gen systems has a decent-sized market to with little to no competition. PS4 owners can look forward to a minor software gold rush as developers look to sell to this new audience