What's In The News: April 11, 2011

Financial News Network
April 11, 2011 AT 1:31 PM
This is what's in the news for Monday, April 11th. Bloomberg reports that Honda (HMC) says it will continue with a reduced production schedule until at least April 22, refuting a report that it may stop U.S. production next month due to a parts shortage... Reuters reports that Warner Music Group's (WMG) board is expected to review second-round bids for the company in the coming week as up to 10 investors have put in bids, offering a range of valuations from $2.8B to over $3B on an enterprise-value basis... the Financial Times reports that under initial recommendations being pushed forward by the Independent Commission on Banking as part of its efforts to make banks safer, Lloyds (LYG) could be forced to sell hundreds of extra branches. And finally, the Wall Street Journal reports that House Republicans approved a resolution Friday to overturn the FCC's new "net-neutrality" rules, but the proposal faces a presidential-veto threat.