What we learned in the Redskins' victory over the Eagles

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The NFC East is not going to enjoy the Redskins' Robert Griffin III for the next decade or so. In two games against New York and Philadelphia, Griffin has completed a combined 34 of 43 passes for 458 yards, six touchdowns and one interception. He also has rushed for 173 yards. But it's his ability to keep plays alive that will be most frustrating. Imagine what Griffin could do if and when he has more explosive weapons to go along with his ability to extend plays. The Redskins do have speed at receiver but need a consistent weapon; if Pierre Garcon is ever healthy it could be him. Regardless, Griffin has hurt both teams despite receiving little from the Redskins' best tight end (Fred Davis, hurt early vs. the Giants) and Garcon.


The Redskins were more effective with their pass rushes Sunday in part because they gave some different looks. For example, typically when Ryan Kerrigan lines up at right outside linebacker, he will rush upfield against the tackle. The first time he lined up on the right side Sunday, the Eagles were ready for a wide rush. But Kerrigan stepped upfield, then headed inside. The result? Running back LeSean McCoy, aligned to that side, stepped to the left bracing for a double team vs. Kerrigan. That little delay prevented him from getting to blitzing linebacker Keenan Robinson in time. And Robinson's pressure forced Nick Foles into a hurried throw -- and an interception by Brandon Meriweather. Overall, the Redskins were simply more effective and played good coverage. There were times Foles had time but couldn't find an open target.

3 The Redskins have not proved they belong in the playoff discussion after just one win. Yes, Dallas nearly lost to a two-win Cleveland team Sunday, but two weeks ago the Redskins lost to a one-win team at home. So it's uncertain what direction the Redskins' season will take. And Sunday's victory revealed as much about the Eagles as it did about the Redskins. Philadelphia is a mess, but the Redskins also did what they should do: They handled their business. But until the Redskins win more than one game in a row, at this point of the season you can't talk about postseason possibilities. However, if the Redskins win Thursday and New York loses Sunday, then legitimate playoff talk begins.

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