What’s your question, Mr. President?

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WHAT’S YOUR QUESTION, MR. PRESIDENT? - Despite a head-snapping turn away from his call for bombarding Syria, President Obama will still take to the airwaves tonight for his first primetime address in more than two years. We know the topic is the Syrian civil war, but what is the question? Obama, having opened the door to a Kremlin plan to secure Syrian chemical weapons, can no longer make the expected call for urgent action. So what will his stated reason be to interrupt Americans’ Tuesday evening viewing?

[President Obama in his interview with Fox News: “I fervently hope that this can be resolved in a non-military way.” Watch here.]

The takeaway - With Obama’s request for a congressional resolution endorsing his plan for air strikes heading for defeat, tonight’s speech was supposed to be an effort to reverse broad public opposition to his strategy. But with Obama looking longingly at the lifeline offered in the Putin plan, the president’s sales pitch becomes less clear. Congress is even less likely to act with diplomacy showing some green shoots, so what is the president’s “ask?” Authorize anyway? If Russia’s offer helps Obama to save face, setting up a failed vote on Syria hardly seems worth the trouble.

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