White House: Gay marriage fulfills founding principles

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Gay marriage is an issue of equality that fulfills America’s founding principles, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said during Wednesday’s press briefing.

Earnest was responding to a reporter who asked whether President Obama feels his stance on gay marriage has “cleared the way” for others to support it publicly, noting Sen. Portman’s decision to support gay marriage earlier this month after his son announced he was gay.

“Well, I — so to speak, I guess,” Earnest said. “I haven’t talked to the President about any of the specific announcements that have been made by other senators in recent days on this issue, but I do think it’s a testament to something I referred to a couple of weeks ago when asked about this.”

“We’re seeing a pretty significant change in this country, where an issue related to equality and fairness is getting more prominence.  And I think it is a testament to the character of this country that we are moving in a direction where we will better fulfill some of the founding principles of the country — in terms of treating everybody fairly and equally.”

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