White House 'taxpayer receipt' shows 25% of income taxes go to health care

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Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets,Taxes,Obamacare,Medicare and Medicaid,Social Security

As a thank you for paying taxes today, the White House has written up a “2013 Federal Taxpayer Receipt” that shows most income tax, 25.19 percent, goes to health related areas, after accounting for Medicare and Social Security.

“Want to know how your federal taxes are spent? President Obama is keeping his promise to make sure Americans like you can easily see what you're getting for your taxes,” said an email from the White House.

The email notes that payroll taxes for Social Security tops Uncle Sam's take. They also break out Medicare separately from income tax expenditures.

Users can plug in their income or simply look at the generalized percentages for what areas of the government gets what share of their non-Social Security, non-Medicare income taxes. A family making $50,000 with one child, for example, pays $3,100 into Social Security, $725 to Medicare and $1,776 to other areas of the government broken out below:

• Health Care 25.19%

• National Defense 24.79%

• Job and Family Security 18.77%

• Education and Job Training 2.85%

• Veterans Benefits 5.44%

• Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment 1.92%

• International Affairs 1.82%

• Science, Space, and Technology Programs 1.13%

• Immigration, Law Enforcement, and Administration of Justice 2.06%

• Agriculture 1.15%

• Community, Area, and Regional Development 0.37%

• Response to Natural Disasters 0.90%

• Additional Government Programs 4.98%

• Net Interest 8.64%

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