Who Is Anthony Socci and Why Should You Care?

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Next time you read a news story in your local paper or hear a TV news segment on "the threat of climate change," odds are good that it will include a quote from a spokesman for the American Meteorological Society. Odds are good, too, that the guy behind the AMS quote will be Anthony Socci.

And I will be next month's paycheck that hardly anybody reading this blog post can identify Socci's most famous former employer. It was Al Gore. And guess what - despite being a spokesman for AMS, Socci is not a contributor of original climate science research. His professional emphasis has long been on communications.,

So it's no surprise that Socci is regularly quoted as an authority on climate science issues by journalists advancing the theme that man-made global warming is about to cause global environmental disaster unless government becomes vastly more powerful in regulating carbon emissions, particularly those from cars, trucks, lawn mowers, electricity generating plants and any other source upon which our daily lives depend.

Socci worked for Gore between 1991 and 1993 when the latter was chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space. Socci's official bio on the AMS cite notes his role with the Senate panel, but not that it was chaired by Gore. Considering Gore's status as perhaps the world's most famous global warming alarmist, shouldn't Socci's relationship with Gore be noted?

I point this out to help call attention to an important new study by Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor of meteorology at MIT and one of the chief critics of global warming alarmism. Lindzen is concerned that fear-based "science" is corrupting the practice of genuine scientific inquiry and thereby harming the credibility and effectiveness of public policies based on the approach.

In his study, Lindzen lays it out and notes, among much else, the backgrounds of folks like Socci and the paucity of reporting that includes such facts. Jerome Schmitt at American Thinker provides both a useful summary of the Lindzen report and a link to its full text.  




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