Will Ferrell Turns Human In 'Lego Movie'

wochit entertainment
February 24, 2014 AT 11:21 AM
It turns out The Lego Movie is not entirely Lego bricks. Will Ferrell makes a surprise live-action appearance at the end of the hit animated film, revealed for the first time in USA TODAY. Ferrell, who voices President and Lord Business in The Lego Movie , appears in the live-action sequence playing "The Man Upstairs." This "Man Upstairs" is referred to as an all-powerful deity throughout the animation portions of the film. In a major twist to the ending, Ferrell is actually the father in the household and owner of an extensive Lego set. He finds that his son, Finn (Jadon Sand), has been messing with his prized creations, imagining the entire Lego world depicted in the film.