Will Glenn Beck and The Blaze create a 'bloodbath' for Matt Bevin?

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Did Sen. Mitch McConnell's Republican primary challenger Matt Bevin fudge his pro-TARP letter defense to conservative talk show host Glenn Beck?

After a Politico story raised questions about Bevin's record on the TARP program, the candidate jumped at the chance to go on Beck's radio show and defend himself.

At issue was a letter in support of the Troubled Asset Relief Program bailout bill produced by his company, Veracity Funds, and signed by Bevin.

In response to Politico's story, Bevin claimed to Beck that he was legally required to sign the letter as company president.

"I did not write any of the letters that were ever published as investment commentary for Veracity Funds," he said. "I was the president and chairman of the board, and by SEC law was required to sign prospectuses when they were sent out.”

Beck allowed Bevin to make his case, pointing out that the Politico story smelled like an establishment "hit piece."

But Bevin's story rings a bit hollow, as Breitbart News' Michael Patrick Leahy reported that a similar 2009 company document was not signed by Bevin.

After Bevin aired his excuse on the show, Beck warned that he would follow up on his website, The Blaze.

"I will check into everything you have said, we will check the law, we will make sure that everything you said is right. It will be posted on The Blaze. If it is wrong that will also be posted on The Blaze and that won’t bode well for you. One way or the other we will post this on The Blaze and we will expose it," Beck said.

Bevin maintains that he had to sign every document, and that it would be illegal to do otherwise. But if documents exist that don't bear his signature, Bevin likely has some more explaining to do.

"[I]f you are a listener of this show you know it will be a bloodbath if this guy starts to lie. It’s gonna be a bloodbath," Beck explained to his listeners before the segment with Bevin.

Will anti-McConnell forces give Bevin the benefit of the doubt? Or will Beck drag him into a bloodbath?

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