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Will the next new Republican congressman from California be openly gay?

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For almost 20 years, California’s 52nd Congressional District was owned by the Republican Party. Then in 2012, Democrat Scott Peters stole it from them. Now, Republicans want it back. And they have turned to an openly gay former-San Diego city councilman to do it.

Since the district was first formed after the 1990 Census, California’s 52nd has always been represented by either former-Rep. Duncan L. Hunter, R-Calif., or his son Duncan D. Hunter, R-Calif. But after the 2010 Census, California redrew most of Rep. Brian Bilbray’s 50th Congressional District into the 52nd (which now includes parts of downtown San Diego and La Jolla). Bilbray lost to Peters 51 percent to 49 percent last November.

Enter Carl DeMaio, who was taken in by Jesuits after his mother died when he was just 14. A graduate of Georgetown University, DeMaio returned to southern California where he started his own consulting firm before running for San Diego City Council in 2008. DeMaio lost a bid for mayor in 2012 before deciding to take on Peters, who served with DeMaio on the city council.

And so far, DeMaio is winning.

A new ABC 10 News poll (500 registered voter sample) shows DeMaio beating Peters 48 percent to 39 percent. An earlier National Republican Congressional Committee poll showed DeMaio leading Peters by a similar margin.

“This is one of the most competitive races in the country and this poll demonstrates what independent observers like Charlie Cook and Larry Sabato have already seen: Scott Peters is in trouble,” NRCC Spokeswoman Alleigh Marre said. “Rather than offer the leadership, solutions and ideas promised during his campaign – Peters has run from his promise and is hiding behind obstructionist coalitions. California voters deserve better than this blatant hypocrisy.”

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