Wireless Wars: Verizon Slashes Prices After Pressure From Rivals

wochit technology
February 13, 2014 AT 7:39 AM
Forget early phone upgrades and other incentives; the wireless war is now all about low prices. Under pressure from rivals, Verizon unveiled a new plan that cuts prices and increases data limits for some customers. The new More Everything plans will replace Verizon's current Share Everything offerings, the company said Thursday, and it updated its plan comparison webpage with the new details. Now, Verizon customers will pay $40 per month to share 1 gigabyte of data, twice the previous cap of 500 megabytes; $50 for 2 GB, which is also double the previous limit; and $60 for 3 GB, up from 2 GB. Equity analyst, Jim Moorman, thinks Verizon needed to compete more aggressively.