With an unlimited budget, of course Hill staffers look smart

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What would we do without fashion magazines, ever chiding Washingtonians for wearing boxy suits, Paul Ryan-like "blousy" shirts and nonskinny ties? In its November issue, GQ purged six attractive local gentlemen of these not-so-hot trends by giving them makeovers; dressing them up in tight fitting power suits, tailored tweed and desert boots (whatever those are). And while the half dozen appearing in "Project Upgrade: Capitol Hill Edition" look sharp, some of the fashion was a little out of reach for your average Capitol Hill staffer.

For example, the magazine dressed Greg Mathis Jr., a 23-year-old staff assistant for Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in a $850 sports jacket. Max Engling, who works as staff assistant for the House Administration Committee (and also topped the Hill's "50 Most Beautiful" list this year), is dressed in a $590 J. Crew suit. And John Deoudes, a staff assistant for a Republican congressman, was put in a $650 Tallia Orange suit. When Yeas & Nays looked up congressional salary data on Legistorm, none of these staffers would be bringing in more than $40,000 in 2012. (Sorry, guys).

Shelvin Simmons, the IT director for the Senate Committee on Banking, is the only staffer featured who makes enough to not be eating ramen. His outfit, which the 34-year-old models outside the Washington Club on Dupont Circle, goes for $865. GQ also chose to feature a speechwriter, 29-year-old Jake Currie, whose casual outfit costs $858 and that's just for the cardigan, pants and shirt. And finally the magazine featured Mark Galvan, a 25-year-old construction project manager on Capitol Hill, whose sporting a more reasonable $64 shirt to replace his original one, which GQ described as a "Chris Christie hand-me-down," paired with $348 trousers.

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