Wooing women shouldn't involve victimizing and lying to them

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Apparently, in order to get women to vote for your party, you have to tell them they are all victims who are oppressed by a patriarchal regime stuck in the 15th Century.

Did you know, ladies, that Democrats assume I earn 23 percent less than the man doing the same job sitting next to me? It’s not because the man at the desk next to me has more experience — no, it’s because I’m a woman.

Now, there might be discrimination in some fields and in some companies, but proving that it’s entirely due to gender and not anything else is next to impossible – and none of the laws proposed by the Left make it any easier.

Lilly Ledbetter's claims were impossible to prove or disprove by the time she filed her lawsuit. That's why the Supreme Court threw it out. And that's why she's a perfect symbol for Democrats on this issue. Because if you don't believe her, it's sexism.

But the statement that women earn less simply for being women, without the caveat that much of the supposed wage gap is due to women’s choices in career, hours worked and time off, is the real sexism.

Repeating that myth is telling women that they are victims of their gender, that they need help to be successful in life.

And should someone point out that women’s choices are responsible for most of that wage gap, those choices are attacked as being due to sexism. Because women can’t make decisions for themselves. Even when they think they’re making their own decisions, they’re really just doing what their male overlords decided for them.

Why can't Democrats and feminists speak to women like the intelligent people they are? Instead of blaming gender bias for every problem they face, maybe they should stop and think about whether that's really the case.

Women are smarter than the Left thinks. We’re not moved by the moon and the tides and what men tell us. We’re capable of making our own decisions and understanding complex arguments.

But it’s just so much easier to claim we’re victims.

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